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. we'll be joined by former congressman patrick murphy from pennsylvania, iraq war vet first vehicle war vet to serve -- first iraq war vet to serve in the united states congress. it was not exactly the second coming but it was certainly treated that way in the high tech world at any rate with the unveiling of the iphone yesterday. iphone 5 by apple. john herrman is the deputy tech editor of "buzzfeed." joining us this morning on our news line. hey, john, good to talk to you. >> good morning, bill. >> bill: from what you saw yesterday, how good is it and what are the new features of the iphone 5? >> well, it's been a pretty long time since apple has given us a real surprise with the new iphone. this is no different. this is a lot like the iphone 4s. it's got a lot of incremental improvements. it has 4g wireless which will basically make using the phone feel like it is next to wi-fi at all times. it has a new camera. it's got a slightly new case so it's made out of aluminum in the back rather than the extre
in iraq is over. we're winding down the war in afghanistan. look at healthcare. some 50 million americans could not afford to -- couldn't get healthcare even if they could afford to buy it four years ago. today, there are 36 million more americans covered by health insurance, pre-existing condition requirement on the part of insurance companies no longer list. healthcare is in place. we're as close to universal healthcare something we've talked about for 100 years we're as close to it as we've ever been in this country. look at the market. market was below nine, maybe even below eight under george w. bush. today it's aren't you tenley -- routinely closing above 13,000. corporate profits reported for the last three years. the highest ever on record. one record after another. look at the automobile industry. four years ago in bad, bad shape. mitt romney saying we ought to let it collapse. president obama moved in. today, the auto industry is back bigger than ever. i mean jobs, 800,000 jobs lost. private sector jobs l
soldier in iraq, in uniform in iraq, who wanted to know about don't ask don't tell. listen to -- it was somewhere down south. and listen to the reaction of the crowd to one of our soldiers. >> in 2010 when i was deployed to iraq, i had to lie about who i was because i'm a gay soldier. i didn't. to lose ply job. -- i didn't want to lose my job. my question is do you intend to circumvent the -- or gay and lesbian soldiers in the military. >> bill: before anybody could even answer, the crowd boos him. so with all of that background, this -- now this study, released yesterday by the williams institute which is part of the ucla law school. they interfered 553 generals and admirals. they interviewed many, many members of the military in all branches both gay and straight. and they found a year after okay, a year after don't ask don't tell has been repealed, get this. they found no overall negative impact on military readiness unit cohesion, recruitment retention or morale. in other words no negative effects of the
just for veterans coming home from iraq and afghanistan. republicans did filibuster it. i think two or three republicans broke ranks a voted with democrats. and this was a classic case of republican -- it was a great idea, and everybody wants to help the veterans but the republicans don't want to help barack obama get another victory for the election and mitch mcconnell basically said that, that they were all for this, but they are not going to do it now because it would look good for president obama. >> yes and i didn't even see it. >> bill: yeah, it was politics over policy, and it is regretful. nancy pelosi was optimistic friday that democrats were going to be able to win the house. and she said if democrats win by ten. they get the house back. >> i think democrats have a chance to gain seats, and that's the kind of reality of it. but they don't have a chance to get the house. i think it is more like 35 to 40 seats they would need to win back the house. that's a tall task. but weird things happen in politics. i don't think this is going to be one of the things
this morning they're also made up of our military on duty in iraq and afghanistan who shame on us, don't make enough money in combat to have to pay federal income taxes and when they come back from combat, when they come back from iraq and afghanistan and go to the v.a. hospital, i guess by mitt romney's definition, they're part of the moocher class. they're part of the 47 because they're getting government benefits. of course, mitt romney is, too by taking advantage of his tax credits. he's so wrong on the facts that as we've pointed out, scott brown, senator of massachusetts says uh-huh, i don't agree with mitt on this. susan collins senator from maine, republican doesn't agree with this. linda mcmahon hope she loses no, i don't agree with him. yesterday, another u.s. senator republican senator dean heller came out from nevada and said mitt romney was wrong with his vision of america and his disdain for 50% almost of americans. so that's the first point. again how wrong mitt romney is on the facts. i know you want t
. as we wind down the war in iraq and in -- wars in iraq and afghanistan, let's bring the money home and put it to work here in the united states. >> obama: after a decade of war it's time to do some nation building right here at home. [ cheering ] >> bill: yes yes, yes indeed. so big line-up today. major garrett from the "national journal" will be here as a "friend of bill." we'll be joined by dave zirin sports editor for the nation to take a look at the nfl deal and we'll go out on the campaign trail with ginger gibson from politico who's been following -- moving around with romney and ryan in ohio. but first... >> this is the "full court press." >> bill, have you downloaded angry birds to your new iphone? >> bill: no, i haven't. i don't know whether it is automatic. >> the most popular and financial successful noble game in history is now getting a spin-off. folks behind angry birds are giving the enemy pigs from that game their own space called bad piggies, the chubby green pigs, the enemies of the birds will
in iraq veterans or military families. which i thought was really remarkable. >> that is beyond remarkable. in high school, i've said this also -- i feel as though -- when you get to the end of the weeks you start repeating what you've been saying earlier in the week. i did high school debate. we talked about how you -- >> bill: i did it. >> you know. you flow your arguments. >> bill: yeah. >> i think mitt romney conceded a whole sheet of paper. they conceded the foreign policy debate to the president. they seeded the veterans debate to the president and the president, not only did he extend those arguments last night but he also basically said listen, this is why you can vote for me. if there's no other reason, vote for me because i care about our veterans. i take our veterans lives seriously. as president, i have to send people to war. i've hugged their parents and i've hugged their loved ones and i won't put our troops in harm's way for no reason and beyond that point you know, we have done everything we can in f
and barbara lee and maxine waters went around the country trying to build opposition to the war in iraq. >> right. >> bill: and at that party last night, i heard that there was -- a lot of excitement on the floor yesterday when paul ryan showed up. for the first time. right? what was that like? >> i actually was not engaged in the talking that went on or the secret service that was there. but you know, he becomes a hero of the republican caucus. and great for them. let's really define the difference. >> bill: they gave a standing ovation when he came in. here's our hero, the guy who's going to save us. charlie wrangle told me last night that he went up -- when they were all applauding, that he walked up, too. and applauded. they said what are you doing? he said i just want to thank you. thank you for the democrats and the democratic party thanks you. i thank you. our country thanks you because you have made medicare the issue in this campaign. >> that's right. >> bill: really has. >> they cannot win. they're tryi
a veterans jobs corps. because so many veterans coming home from iraq and afghanistan with all of the skills can't find a job. first lady has been working on this problem with dr. jill biden. this would go even beyond that. billion dollars. i mean what's wrong with this? nobody could be against it. the republicans are really for it. but they filibustered it and some of the republicans privately, at least admitted why they filibustered. they filibustered it for one reason only. yes, it was a good idea. but if they pass this, this would put more people back to work. this would mean the unemployment rate would go down. this would mean that president obama would get credit for doing something more for veterans than creating more jobs and so the republicans, in the senate, blocked it, filibustered a great measure to put veterans back to work. they were willing to show themselves as anti-job and anti- veteran in order to continue to be anti-obama. that was in the senate. and in the house, it was sort of equally outra
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